Sooo...this is an idea I've had for sometime, mainly because there are so many stories going on at once, that sometimes we forget what has happened or will happen, and contradicting points pop up in the threads now and then. It's really no big deal, but it's good to have a referance sheet somewhere, right? xD

Why don't we have a Chronology for the RP in here? We can use the night of June 24th as a basic point, with the Argo II taking off, and work on and back accordingly. Everyone can add special events from their own stories, and all the quests and monster attacks and meetings would tally with each other. As far as I can find, there doesn't seem to be a timeline feature for Wikia, but we can either use table or point format. (But the point format seems to be easier - the table format was too confusing when I experimented with it.)

Here's a general example, in the point format :-

June 25th

Camp Half Blood

  • Cabin Meeting

(Attendants/ Important decisions/???)

Camp Jupiter

  • Arrival of the Argo II
  • Senate Meeting



  • [important events happening in other areas of US]

What do you think, everyone? Comments, Criticisms, Suggestions? :)

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