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  • Maiden-of-the-Scythe

    I'm loving the ORPG wiki so far, but I had no idea it would have to be so big! And so many things are changing quickly and getting harder to control and keep track of...

    For example, the templates. This is not my first time on a wiki, though this is my first time on this particular wikia account. I've been on tons of wikis but I'd never really understood the character (or in this case, demigod) templates, and it's pretty confusing. I usually leave it up to the other people, you know? And there's a lot of thread summaries that have to be made now, and it's still gonna be awhile before we have every character's page added. But it's so much fun! I've never enjoyed a wiki this much before. It really helps since I know the other people running it…

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