Hey guys! It looks like we've got most of the character profile pages up. We're still missing a few people here and there, but we've definitely made a good dent in the number of character profiles to do. We'll continue to add characters as they come in and we'll make sure to get all the active characters set up with profile pages, but let's not forget to do thread summaries, too.

I've been working on summaries of threads where my own characters, Nico and Reyna, are involved, but I'm also going through other threads to prepare summary pages for the wikia. I know Hazel's volunteered to help out with summaries and a couple of other people have done a few of their own thread summaries, but we've got a lot of threads to go through. If you want to help build the wikia, you can help by going through your characters' threads and creating thread summary pages for them.

To keep the wikia neat and orderly, try to follow the format I've been using for the summaries. Check out the page for Sometimes, Things Are Better Left Forgotten...Or Are They? to see the format I'm talking about. It's pretty simple and the category tags can be used as follows:

  • Thread Summaries - All thread summaries should be given this category.
  • Camp Half-Blood Threads - All threads that take place at Camp Half-Blood should have this category. You do not need to tag Camp Half-Blood threads further than this.
  • Camp Jupiter Threads - Same as with the Camp Half-Blood category. You do not need to tag further than this.
  • New Rome Threads - Threads set in New Rome should be tagged with this.
  • New York Threads - Threads set in New York should have this category tagged.
    • Manhattan - For threads taking place specifically in Manhattan.
    • Empire State Building - For threads at the Empire State Building.
  • Olympus Threads - All threads set on Olympus should have this category.
  • United States Threads - All threads set in the United States should have this category
    • Los Angeles Threads - For threads taking place in Los Angeles
    • Alaska Threads - For threads in Alaska
    • Other - DO NOT TAG THREADS AS "OTHER". Tag by city or by state.
      • Boston Threads - For threads set in Boston.
  • San Francisco Threads - For threads in the San Francisco area.
  • Underworld Threads - For threads taking place in the Underworld.

For any other categories, if you need a new tag, feel free to make one, but try to make sure it's a category tag that may have more than one article attached to it. If you have any questions, leave a message on my talk page or shoot me a PM on the forum and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. :)

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