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  • Leukanthes

    Thread Summary pages

    December 17, 2011 by Leukanthes

    Hey guys! It looks like we've got most of the character profile pages up. We're still missing a few people here and there, but we've definitely made a good dent in the number of character profiles to do. We'll continue to add characters as they come in and we'll make sure to get all the active characters set up with profile pages, but let's not forget to do thread summaries, too.

    I've been working on summaries of threads where my own characters, Nico and Reyna, are involved, but I'm also going through other threads to prepare summary pages for the wikia. I know Hazel's volunteered to help out with summaries and a couple of other people have done a few of their own thread summaries, but we've got a lot of threads to go through. If you want t…

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  • Leukanthes

    Some helpful resources

    October 18, 2011 by Leukanthes

    So I've been looking through the Wiki, at the character profile pages and I've noticed the use of colors on the info boxes. Some of them look quite nice. Others just don't have an info box or have the default colors. There is nothing wrong with using the default colors, of course, but if you want to customize your colors, here's a helpful website to check out:

    Web Color Charts in Hexadecimal- It's really easy to use. Just copy the six-digit code over the box of the color you want to use and paste it in. Make sure to remove any spaces in the code, or it won't work.

    For use in the templates, always make sure to put a pound sign (#) before the code.

    Here's a mini-tutorial on what value box changes what:

    Hope this helps! I'm still new to these tem…

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