"I don't know why you'd ever choose to have me as a brother. I'm the worst kind of brother there is. I'm annoying, selfish, ungrateful, and hardly worth the trouble. Just ask Bianca if you ever see her."

Characters InvolvedEdit


In an attempt to get into the Underworld to try to see his sister, Nico is refused entry at Charon's Entrance in Los Angeles, so he leaves to head for a cafe to get some breakfast. Of course, the cafe he chooses to go to is none other than the one where Nicholas is going to meet his mother. An awkward introduction between Nico and Jessica Lobo ends with Nicholas once again trying to make nice with his half-brother, but Nico is having none of that. Nico still refuses to accept Nicholas and he leaves the other son of Hades after declaring that he does want or need Nicholas' help and tells him to leave him alone.

It is here that Nico decides that he's going to find a way into the Underworld one way or another and will not be returning to Camp Half-Blood.


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