"A scream tore from his throat, a high, long wail of anguish, echoing off the walls of the cavernous underground prison the son of Hades was being held in. His vision went white from the pain that coursed through his body."

Characters InvolvedEdit


A nightmare sent to Hazel, this dream shows her half-brother being tortured in an underground cavern. Iapetus, the Titan that once lost his memories and was put to work in the Underworld for the good of Olympus, seems to have had his memories restored and is out for revenge against Nico for the son of Hades' part in his humiliation. He shows no mercy towards the demigod, demanding to know how Nico's friends intend to find and rescue him and, when he receives no answer, promises that he will kill Nico's friends slowly, forcing the son of Hades to watch.

Nico, desperate to get a message to his sister, refuses to tell Iapetus anything. Instead, he exclaims that Hazel isn't coming after him at all. He doesn't want her or his friends, Kori and Erin, to come for him, not when it's now too dangerous. Iapetus doesn't believe the demigod and proceeds to look towards the ceiling, as if looking directly at Hazel and proclaims that he can't wait to meet the daughter of Pluto, calling her by name.

It is, as of yet, unknown if this nightmare is the truth or something fabricated by Gaea's forces to try to force Hazel, one of the Seven of the Prophecy, out of Camp Jupiter.


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